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Team iSearchme

Our team is dedicated to providing disease prevention services through advanced bioengineering information, statistics, and molecular biology. Furthermore, we are proud to be building a gene-digital bio-banking system that ensures safe and easy access to gene information, considered the most fundamental source of healthcare. Our unwavering goal is to become the leading global company in this field.

iSearchme Seungbum Seo
SeungBum Seo

CDO and Data analysis

iSearchme Philsun Shin
PhilSun Shin

Project Manager

iSearchme DongSung Ryu Ph.D.
DongSung Ryu Ph.D.

Bioinformatician, Data Scientist

iSearchme Nayoung Jung
NaYoung Jung


iSearchme GiYoung Lee
GiYoung Lee

Bioinformatician, Data Scientist

iSearchme YoungAh Shin Ph.D.
YoungAh Shin Ph.D.

CEO and founder, Bioinformatician

iSearchme Sunghwan Jung
SungHwan Jung

IT developer

iSearchme GyeongBack Lim
GyeongBack Lim

Bioinformatician, Data Scientist

iSearchme Inuk Koh Ph.D.
InUk Koh Ph.D.


iSearchme UX/UI
YunJeong Heo


iSearchme Soyoung Park
SoYoung Park

IT developer

iSearchme Designer
EunMi Youm


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