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What does the Premium (PRS) report tell me?

Experience ichrogene's premium service by simply uploading your genome file. Obesity reports are now available for free.

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Polygenic Risk Score(PRS)

PRS (Polygenic Risk Score) modeling utilizing 600K genomes and clinical big data provides the genetic risk for complex diseases (type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.).

Precision Health- Age of onset

Provides genetic risk and age-specific incidence rates analyzed based on global large-scale cohort genomic data

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100+ DNA Health & Trait Reports

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Why iSearchme?

We utilize the world's best genome analysis technology provided by Korean big data experts.

Korean Large-Scale Genome Big Data Analysis Career

(over 170K Korean population data)
Knowledge and technology of genomic and bioinformatics experts from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Global Top-Level R&D Technology

Major papers such as Nature genetics, Scientific report, Cell

Safe Handling of Personal Sensitive Information

Handling sensitive personal data in accordance with the guidelines of the MoHW, for research plans and descriptions and following consents

Secure iSearchme

We have ISO27001(Information Security Management System International Standard Certification) and CSA Star(International Standard Cloud Security Certification). Also, personal Information is safely managed through an encryption solution that meets international standards.

iSearchme GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance
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iSearchme Minimal Personal Information Collection

Minimal Personal Information Collection
De-identification Policy

iSearchme ISO 27001, CSA Star

ISO 27001, CSA Star
International Standard
Security Certification

If you upload a file in the format supported by iSearchme, you can receive your genetic analysis report within 24 hours.
iSearchme supports the genetic raw data file from one of 3rd-party service providers following: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and LivingDNA.
Your individual-level information will not be shared with any third parties, nor publicly disclosed without your explicit permission. It may be used for research purpose only as a part of aggregated data without any personal identifiers. For further details, please check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Consent.
The advantage of iSearchme is that it uses the ichrogene algorithm with selected markers, which can present precise health report that cannot be done with some several markers.
For example of T2D (Type 2 Diabetes), we analyze the genetic risk using 175 genetic variants, and these PRS (polygenic risk score) can predict the risk group with high accuracy (58 - 64% in comparison of top and bottom 1%, based on genetic data only). In addition, based on PRS, the disease prevalence between the top and bottom 1% differs by 8 to 18 times, showing that T2D can be identified only by PRS calculation using ichrogene algorithm with selected markers.
In particular, ichrogene's population genomics and epidemiological big data analysis enables prediction of life cycle disease prevalence based on your genotype, and ichrogene is the first with this level of genome analysis report service in the market that provides insight into the comprehensive your health/disease status.
Unfortunately, you cannot use your genetic analysis result for self-diagnosis, treatment, or other medical purpose. The results provides your genetic predisposition and likelihood for certain traits and conditions. Please consult with a genetic counselor, or equivalent health-care professionals if you have any concern or questions about your condition.