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Gene contains a broad range of the form, characteristics and functions of our bodies. Genes are composed of a series of genetic materials.

Single Nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)

Single Nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is a germline substitution of a single nucleotide at a specific position in some people's genomes. SNP may affect certain traits according to different combinations of two alleles.


Allele is a basic unit representing certain traits in the genome where the location of gene is identical. Each allele is inherited from parents, separately.

Effect Alleles

Single Nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) generally consists of two alleles. A and B alleles have different impacts on our physical shape, features and functions. Among them is called an allele that more strongly affects our body. The influencing factor may increase or decrease the feature of phenotypes.


Alleles are composed of four bases: A, G, C and T. Parents have two alleles to genetic variants, and one of them is given to child. The combination of the alleles inherited is referred to as a genetype.

PRS(Polygenic risk score)

It is the prediction of its effect and influence through the combination of various genotypes, which means the quantification of the effects of multiple genotypes on a certain phenotype.


Among the various factors that determine the phenotype, it is the ratio of contribution of genetic factors, which is an indicator that can measure the influence of genotype.

Genotype Frequency

Percentage of people with the genotype (%) Ex) AA genotype frequency 25% means that there are 25 people with AA genotype among 100 people


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