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Prediction of the onset age based on polygenic risks

Complex diseases are known to be caused by both genetic and environmental influences. Unlike genetic causes, environmental factors are something you can control. This means that if you know in advance that you are genetically at high risk and prepare for it, you can prevent the disease.

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iSearchme | T2D genetic health report

What can you find out from the Premium (PRS) report?

"We provide premium reports with analysis based on real-world incidence data from large cohorts. In particular, it shows very high accuracy in the high-risk group."



Your Genetic Risk

You can see your risk compared to the genetic risk distribution analyzed based on the genetic information of 150K Korean and 430K European cohorts.

"Have you had a sudden high fasting blood sugar recently? Do you have a family history and are concerned about the genetic factors of type 2 diabetes? In the 100-year-old era, we highly recommend that you receive a premium report analysis service specialized for type 2 diabetes for those who want to take care of their health in advance!"

-Data Scientist

Predicting the onset age

Age prevalence by genetic risk

You can see what percentage of your genetic risk is in the top, and how many times your chances of getting the disease are compared to the average. For example, if your genetic risk is in the top 10%, you would be predicted to be 2.38 times more likely than average to develop type 2 diabetes.

Premium Report Features

PRS (Polygenic Risk Score) modeling utilizing 600K genomes and clinical big data provides the genetic risk for complex diseases (type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.).

Using AI technology, select and verify markers that are highly effective in specific diseases (eg type 2 diabetes).

It shows the validated disease prediction performance by applying deep learning algorithm to the selected markers.

Provides genetic risk and age-specific incidence rates analyzed based on global large-scale cohort genomic data

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